Dr. StrangeJob Live at the Upstairs Club

How else to follow up on his release of Anonymous Goes to the Legion, but with the first known live standup recording of Dr. StrangeJob. Witness the birth of the Dr. StrangeJob Anti-Incompetent Massacree Movement. Yes, the word “massacree” is in the dictionary, but only in the urban dictionary. Also included, at no extra charge, is Joint Custody: A Misplaced Baggie of Marijuana and a Complex Father – A Dr. StrangeJob Tale.

Filmed entirely on location at the Upstairs Club in Sydney, N.S. on Saturday, June 18, 2016. The video will be included in his StrangeJob Rarities and Bootleg Tapes – Volume I scheduled for release sometime in 2028. It will cost you plenty in 2028, so catch it now for free.

Dr. StrangeJob

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