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‘Twas the night before Caper Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the poorhouse
Not a politician was caring – not a photo op to boast.

The liberal entitlements were shining so bright,
The tories were preaching brimstone to the right,
While dippers stopped singing because they no longer know jack,
And the greens forgot it’s all foods that poor stomachs lack.

But there may be hope for Capers yet:
The NSEF fight for equality to make politicians regret,
The CBUP started a party to also cause fret,
CB Talkback discusses real issues of plight,
While Mary and The Spectator show us the light,
As the three wise women on Council help us unite.

While some wear hearts on their sleeves to show us what might,
Many waste efforts in rant rooms so trite,
As others gale and ward off the blight.
Heck, even StrangeJob occasionally gets it right.

As politicians continue to feed at the trough,
And bureaucrats’ reports amount to mere scoff,
Let us this Holiday enjoy what we might,
But keep focused on those not supporting our plight.

To the voters of Cape Breton politicians owe
Their support for the Island above partisan show.
If you use trickle-down as your guiding economic light,
Then expect to look for a new job next election night.

Happy Holidays

Dr. StrangeJob

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