My first e-book, so I used an alias.

Dr. StrangeJob, under the alias Dan Yakimchuk, published his first Amazon Kindle e-book, The Rose: Time Enough for Love.  Amazon publishes 3000 new books each day, so it will be easy to get lost in the shuffle.  Here is my sales pitch. Hopefully, it will be $2.99 well spent.  As of this writing, the book is sitting at # 21 in the hot new release category for time travel books.

rose ebook cover

Forty years ago, he tried to kill himself. Today, he’s going back to change his mind.

The Rose tells the story of a man travelling back 40 years in time to deliver a message to his younger self during a pivotal moment in his life. What begins as a janitor’s attempt at salvation, becomes a time travel researcher’s hope for lost love and family. At its heart, the story is about family – a fortune teller, a metalhead, a time continuum officer, and a reluctant time traveller – a family lost in time.

The initial short story was written in recognition of my 25th anniversary in recovery. Last year I produced and acted in a short 12-minute film version of the original short script, The Rose, directed by Kenn Crawford of Broken Road Pictures. The Rose was an official selection and award of commendation winner at the 2018 Canada Shorts film festival. Watch The Rose here.

Yes, I do have a rose tattoo on my left hand that was designed by the very talented Cyanide Ink.

Follow The Rose Facebook Page for future updates on the saga of Harry, the reluctant time traveller.

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