Genesis – Part I

Genesis of Dr. StrangeJob – Part 1

To say that I am a procrastinator is as understatement. The genesis to write Dr. StrangeJob started in Grade 9 Junior High. The class was being introduced to the concept of Economics and was required to write a report on a current economic theory or topic. I had enjoyed the study of economics and the course had instilled an initial interest in pursuing economics as a career.

I wrote a paper on “The Peter Principle” and argued that the concept of incompetence by promotion was alive and well in the current teaching environment. In fact, I argued that the education system was so incompetent that it was unable to teach me anything of value. I guess my satirical side was starting to develop around that time.

The teacher agreed wholeheartedly with my report and gave the paper a mark of zero. He noted that my paper was so persuasive that he had no choice but to give it a failing mark. If, as I argued in my report, I had not learned anything of value due to the total incompetence of the education system then I should logically receive no value for my effort. I was devastated and decided to end my future career in economics.

End Part 1

Dr. StrangeJob

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