Agent 86: KAOS and Canadian Politics

The 60’s TV show Get Smart pitted Agent 86 of CONTROL against the nefarious KAOS organization. Agent 86 was perhaps the most incompetent secret agent of all time, but he somehow managed to save the day with the aid of his most competent female partner Agent 99.

What is the significance of the number 86 in Canadian politics?  Would you believe that in the year 1900, plus 86, Canada received the United Nations award for sheltering refugees and, in the same year, sanctioned South Africa for their apartheid policies?  Would you also believe that Shirley Carr became the first women president of the Canadian Labour Congress in 1986?

But if only Canada had used 1986 for good rather than chaos. Would you believe that in 1986 the Canadian dollar hit an all-time low of 70.2 U.S. cents on international money markets?  Would you also believe that negotiations began in 1986 on what would eventually become the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement.  What if I also told you that Stephen Harper became disillusioned with federal politics in 1986, resulting in the formation of the Reform Party of Canada?

Fast forward 29 years to 2015. What if I told you that Canada’s 86 richest people currently own more wealth than Canada’s 11.4 million poorest citizens?  Meanwhile, politicians ply us with promises to save the middle class when they can’t even agree on who the middle class is. Senators are being suspended left, right, and center but none of them are willing to rock the trough. Billion dollar trade and arms deals are being negotiated under a cone of silence, and gullible voters appear to be falling for the old “vote for me” trick once again.

So here we are 29 years later in the midst of Canada’s 42nd election arguing about niqabs while a $15 Billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia is being muzzled. Guess what 29 + 42 + 15 equals?  Would you believe 86?  Would you also believe that the number 86 is synonymous with being fired, cut, or cancelled.  Canadians need to get smart, keep control, and eliminate chaos on October 19. If Canada wakes up on October 20 with the same government, then I will remind you that I asked you not to tell me that.

Get Smart Trivia:  Urban legend has it that Agent 99 was initially called Agent 69, but the censors thought it was too risqué. I guess the creators were ahead of their time, but I certainly hope Canadian voters don’t blow it on Election Day. Otherwise, Dr. StrangeJob will be truly sorry about that grief.

Dr. StrangeJob

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