Incompetents Anonymous: Immunity, Denial, & Self-Service

IA Final Logo A

Astute legal advice allowed the Doctor to deal with potential libel and copyright issues, so he decided to discuss his financial concerns with a certified accountant with the goal of improving his financial outcomes. Speaking of accountants, did you ever notice that people in certain professions appear to have common personality characteristics? I have met a number of accountants in my day, and many of them appear to be a tad on the anal side. I often wonder if there are underlying personality traits that form a propensity towards a particular profession, or if the profession leads an individual to adopt specific personality characteristics. Perhaps this is a moot distinction, especially if you consider the number of politicians that were arseholes both before and after entering the profession.

Anyway, my certifiable accountant appraised the Doctor’s blogs, suggested there was a potential money maker with Incompetents Anonymous, and recommended that he “go public” with the IA movement. Apparently, there are strong financial reasons for a business to “go public”, which can include an increased access to capital, the ability to raise additional funds, and improved credibility. What a deal! If your business requires more money, then all you need to do is issue more stocks. Stock issues should not be a problem for the Doctor because he always keeps his place well stocked.

The Doctor is actually well ahead of the “go public” game as a result of his existing “public” strategy. After all, there already is a Dr. StrangeJob website, Facebook, and Twitter presence. Not to mention the fact that the Doctor has recently given his initial public offering, referred to as an IPO in accountant speak, at a local open-mic event. I mean really, how much more public would I need to be? If I have already “gone public”, then why would I need to “go public”?

Calling on his vast business experience in both industry and education, the Doctor has recognized the benefits of a highly visible brand logo combined with a strong marketing campaign. Not to be confused with his successful Incompetents Anonymous Membership Drive, the Doctor has determined the need for a more visible brand. Leaving nothing to happenstance, the Doctor presents the official Incompetents Anonymous logo, as competently designed by GRYPHON media productions.

The IA triangle borrows from the traditional Alcoholics Anonymous triangle, but rather than emphasize AA’s three-part solution to addiction (unity, recovery, and service), the IA triangle reflects the three key personality traits most often associated with an incompetent mind (denial, immunity, and self-service). The official IA logo will be the centerpiece of a new advertising campaign promoting Incompetents Anonymous to be rolled out in 2016. Stay tuned for additional details, but in the meantime, if confronted with a struggling incompetent, then just repeat IA’s Audacity Prayer in the knowledge that competence is a step away.

The Audacity Prayer: Grant me the authority to eliminate those that will not follow, the ability to terrorize those that remain, and the audacity not to care about the difference.

Dr. StrangeJob

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