IA video hits 10K views – vile or viral?

Dr. StrangeJob’s Anonymous Goes to the Legion video was recently unleashed on both Facebook and YouTube. In a single week, the Facebook video accumulated over 10,000 views, suggesting the video is either vile or viral. I am hoping for viral.

Watch as participants of the inaugural Incompetents Anonymous (IA) meeting declare war on unscrupulous incompetent bureaucrats by asserting that those incompetents take the advice of Dr. Wilbur Swain (Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.) – “Why don’t you take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut? Why don’t you take a flying fuck at the mooooooooooooon?” Watch as IA members literally howl at the moon during their recital of Step 13.

OK, so perhaps the use of the “F” word is a bit tawdry, but it is a literary quote after all. Hopefully, there is a bit of wiggle room between vile and viral.

This blog links to the YouTube version of the video, but you might have already seen it show up on some of your other social media feeds. Apologies for the double postings. Actually, I just lied. In fact, if you have been presented with the IA video on multiple mediums, it is likely because Dr. StrangeJob’s “Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/Incompetent” algorithm has determined you are in need of an IA meeting. Please check our IA membership drive for special promotional offers.

As you can see, the first IA meeting did not go as planned. It appears Dr. StrangeJob needs a few more IA meetings and a competent sponsor. BTW – Potential sponsors can initiate their sponsorship application by sending the Doctor a complimentary t-shirt. As a special incentive, potential sponsors will receive FREE shipping, of a FREE pic, of the FREE tee, that ONLY THEY can FREELY send to Dr. Strangejob.

What’s with that ending? Who were those kidnappers? Who will come to the Doctor’s rescue? Does he even want to be rescued? What does the kidnapping have to do with the Cape Breton Competents – Liberation Army (CBC-LA). Find out in upcoming blogs.

A special thank you to the Michael G. MacDonald for direction, Madeline Yakimchuk & Matthew Ingraham for photography, and a very special thank you to GRYPHON media productions for edit and post.

Read more about the making of this video in my “Dr. StrangeJob is in the can!” blog.

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