We can do worse – and have! Dr. StrangeJob for Mayor of CBRM

Dr. StrangeJob considers himself to be CBRM’s most viable “alternate” mayoralty candidate. An award winning blogger, Pier reviewed journalist, and stated savior of the Cape Breton economy, Dr. StrangeJob is committed to making Cape Breton great again.

Dr. StrangeJob decided to run after a late-night in camera session with his dedicated follower. His three-point platform speaks to his commitment to become Cape Breton’s first non-political politician.

  1. Dr. StrangeJob is not, nor ever plans to be, a career politician. In other words – he is not out for himself.
  2. Dr. StrangeJob is not, nor never has been, a career politician’s flunky. In other words – he is his own person.
  3. Dr. StrangeJob is not currently on pension. In other words – he does not require a freebee pension top-off.

Dr. StrangeJob came forward as a candidate because he is fed up with the “total lack of transparency, potential misuse of tax funds, and apparent disregard for taxpayers of CBRM by CBRM Council”.

His campaign will focus on transparency, honesty, and a guaranteed absence of bullish type rhetoric.

His Platform

If Dr. StrangeJob were elected Mayor of CBRM, then his NUMBER ONE priority would be the elimination of child poverty. Unfortunately, money does not grow on trees, so funding required to eliminate poverty would need to be reallocated from other resources. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Upon starting office, I would evaluate the management contracts, responsibilities, and buy-out clauses on all managerial new-hires that did not follow proper protocol or due diligence. This will result in the strategic realignment of willing participants to refocus their efforts on the poverty file. Otherwise, all future savings realized through buy-out clauses would be redirected to the poverty file.
  2. The “Sustainability Grants” program would be re-structured to ensure that only non-profit organizations receive grants. In addition, the new procedures would introduce a yearly “grant theme” to focus applications and selection criteria. The first annual theme will be “Poverty Elimination”.
  3. The 140/weekly travel budget allotment will be updated to require appropriate receipts/documentation. All monies allocated to the travel budget not claimed will be reallocated to the poverty file.
  4. All things Port File – Refer to Item 1

Presto – no more child poverty in CBRM

Read more about the Dr. StrangeJob campaign at The Cape Breton Spectator.

Dr. StrangeJob

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This is a non-paid, non-political advertisement. Copyright April 1, 2016

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