PD and a pain in the ass employee

Here is a work shit file entry from 1992 that verifies what you may have already suspected – Dr StrangeJob has a history of being a pain in the ass employee.

It was personal development (PD) request time at the office. The annual event would commence with an all points bulletin asking employees to submit PD preferences and end with the boss’s buddies being approved for free travel away from the office. It may have been my perception, but the selection criteria appeared more related to who you know, rather than what you need to know. As a lark, I submitted the following request for training.

To: Supervisor at the time
From:  Dr StrangeJob’s alias at the time
Date: 27 March 1992
Subject: Strengthening Your Business Writing Skills
Attached is an outline for a course entitled Strengthening Your Business Writing Skills. Although adequate in this area, I feel that I could increase my efficiency in this skill by taking this particular course.

Kindly keep this in mind as you consider your plans for staff training for 1992. Wit dis course me thinks dat me could do mor better reports fo youse.

cc: Boss’s boss at the time

Yes, I actually submitted the above to my supervisor. My request was not approved, but I did enjoy a quiet week at the office when the boss and their buddies were away on a training course.

Dr. StrangeJob

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