CBLA-InComps: Born to Bother

If not for the Cape Breton Liberation Army (CBLA), then there would be no Dr. StrangeJob. My admiration for the CBLA dates back to the Old Trout Funnies comics of the 70’s and 80’s. The CBLA were the Cape Breton heroes of my youth, lampooning Cape Breton culture and satirically leaving no political stone unturned. The budding Dr. StrangeJob would anxiously await each new CBLA edition and prominently display each next to his equally coveted collections of National Lampoon and MAD Magazine.

Recently, the CBLA was revived in the comedic musical extravaganza The Return of the Cape Breton Liberation Army. It is no surprise to Dr. StrangeJob that the CBLA has been resurrected in our current times. The once thriving island of Cape Breton is a mere shadow of its former self. Incompetence runs rampant in virtually all areas of the beloved island including the political, educational, and business sectors. Unless action is taken, this could be the end of Cape Breton as we know it.

In the mould of heroes past and the goal of futures pleasant, Dr. StrangeJob formed the Cape Breton Liberation Army – Intelligence and Competence Squad (CBLA-InComps). Although not formally affiliated with the CBLA, there have been official sightings of original CBLA members howling at the moon with Dr. StrangeJob at a recent Incompetents Anonymous meeting.

InComps emphasises brain over brawn with a focus on the effective use of social media to simultaneously encourage competence and discourage incompetence. Underlying all InCompts strategic initiatives is the premise that although seeing the light is an effective motivator, a combination of seeing the light and feeling the heat works even better. It is no coincidence that Cape Breton Island is the birthplace to both Incompetents Anonymous and the CBLA-InComps.

Competence is our final frontier. Join the farce and support the journey of the CBLA-InComps. Our mission: to expel incompetence, to seek out the competent, and to boldly go where few Caper heroes have gone before. We are legion. We know who you are. We are going to the Legion.

Read CBLA-InComps: Episode 1 – The Port Menace, the first in a series of short stories dealing with the exploits of the CBLA-InComps. InComps’ first mission focuses on transparency issues involving a proposed multi-billion dollar container port shrouded in secrecy, exclusivity contracts, backroom deals, non-disclosure agreements, and in camera meetings. Their goal will be to release all of the municipality’s secret port documents to the citizenry. Yes, the group is hoping to raise a little stink.

Dr. StrangeJob

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