The Mother Behind the Pundit or The Mother’s Behind

Dr. StrangeJob was born on February 27, 2015. Similar to his alter ego (Dr. NoJob), Dr. StrangeJob was a breech birth. This explains, in part, why the Doctor tends to view things from a different perspective. Instead of heading for the light, the Doctor gravitates to the dark.

His birth mother attempted to instill a sense of humor in the Doctor, but she was somewhat skeptical of the outcome. She often quipped that there was nothing like a sense of humor, and that he had “nothing” like a sense of humor. She did, however, provide the Doctor with a strong sense of omnipotence. In fact, he believed he was the son of god. His belief was a direct consequence of her divine devotion to her son, and her constant reminder of his supremacy. For example: Every time he would return from one of his pilgrimages, she would shout “Jesus Christ, where have you been?” Every time he would leave the house, she would bellow, “Where in Christ’s name are you going?” Other times, when he was just hanging around the house, or quietly contemplating life, she would never miss an opportunity to remind him of his all-powerfulness with heavenly supportive refrains such as “God Almighty, stop pulling the wings off those poor butterflies”, or “For Christ’s sake, get out of my underwear drawer”.

Dr. StrangeJob planned to be an exorcist when he grew up. Again, his decision was due to his mother’s constant encouragement. She often told him that he had the power to expel evil from people, places, or things. Comments such as “get the hell out of that” or “take that with you and get the hell out of here”, demonstrated his ability to exorcize evil. He was compelled by a motherly spirit greater than himself to become the entity that he is today.

Along with being a breech birth, the Doctor was also a late arrival. Speaking of late, I think I will log this blog as a belated Mother’s Day entry. Wherever she may be, I hope she is not laughing at Dr. StrangeJob, but laughing with him. Dr. StrangeJob compels you to follow him on Twitter at

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