Geezers and Strategists Party or Canada’s Last GASP of Hope

The ongoing Federal election has been tough on candidates with an increasing number of nominees being forced to resign for peeing in cups, making obscene phone calls, and non-party sanctioned pot comments. What does all of this say about the quality of Canadian politicians, and, more importantly, how can Dr. StrangeJob benefit from these escapades?

Dr. StrangeJob declares himself a free agent willing to fill one of the recent candidate vacancies. Why support Dr. StrangeJob? First, the Doctor’s hair is not all that pretty. In fact, he appears to have less and less of it each day. This will prevent detractors from focusing on incidentals and force attention to the real issues of governance.

Second, the Doctor’s wild and wicked years were pre-internet, so he has no embarrassing digital footprint to worry about. The skeletons in the Doctor’s closed are either well buried or are already dancing.

Third, the Doctor pledges not to join any of the existing parties (at least not the PC party), because party membership often requires loyalty to partisan policy or dictated agendas. The Doctor’s goal is to whip the country into shape, rather than be whipped into obedience by some whipper-snipper career-politician or draconian leader.

However, the most important reason to support Dr. StrangeJob is because he is a member of the pre-geezer class. The Doctor will have strong appeal to the preeminent geezer demographic so eloquently described by Margaret Atwood in her recent National Post column. In support of this, note that Dr. Strangejob’s Facebook support base is 65% pre-geezer or geezer age, along with an astounding 88% female base (even without the nice hair).

Perhaps we need to force a change, and perhaps our existing politically-entrenched self-seeking leaders need to be replaced by a more senior and strategic group of worldly Canadians. Let’s take a lesson from our forefathers and First Nation cultures and seek out the truly wise and strategic elders for support and direction.

I am calling on all Canadians to stand behind the new Geezers and Strategists Party (GASP). Let’s not make Election 2015 the last gasp of a dying democracy. Instead, let’s make Election 2015 the first GASP towards a true democracy. We need to do this soon, because many of the geezers may not make it to the next election, or even worse, Dr. StrangeJob may not have time to earn a full parliamentary pension.

Dr. StrangeJob

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