Anonymous Goes to the Legion

Dr. StrangeJob’s “Anonymous Goes to the Legion” video was unleashed simultaneously on Facebook and YouTube. This blog links to the YouTube video, so you might also see it show up on some of your other social media feeds. Actually, I just lied. In fact, if you are presented with this video more than once, then it is because Dr. StrangeJob’s new “Facebook/YouTube/Twitter Algorithm” has determined you are in need of an Incompetents Anonymous (IA) meeting.

As you can see, the first Incompetent’s Anonymous (IA) meeting did not go as planned. It appears Dr. StrangeJob needs a few more meetings and a competent sponsor. He may also be in need of rescue. What’s with that ending? Find out in an upcoming blog, but here is a hint.

A special thank you to the Michael G. MacDonald for direction, Madeline Yakimchuk & Matthew Ingraham for photography, and a very special thank you to GRYPHON media productions for edit and post.

Dr. StrangeJob

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