StrangeJoberisms: The Unlimited Birthday Edition

Dr. StrangeJob forced himself on the world on February 27, 2015 with the following simple, but pathetic prophetic tweet: This is what happens when the Peter Principle collides with Kurt Vonnegut and Stanley Kubrick.

Since that humble beginning, Dr. StrangeJob has spawned Incompetents Anonymous, Satirical Knights Live, Sweet FA’s, and the DIAPER Awards. As a cunning linguist, he has developed new words (example: osmosis-moron or the gradual process of becoming a moron through assimilation), reconceptualised existing words (cronyism: I bet they passed over a lot of good people to get to the ones they hire), and created his own brand of quips, especially suited for twits tweets, that he has dubbed “StrangeJoberisms”.

In recognition of his first birthday, Dr. StrangeJob presents his inaugural collection of “StrangeJoberisms: The Unlimited Birthday Edition”. You may not have asked for them, but you get them anyway.

StrangeJoberisms – Volume I

A best practice management strategy is to keep the employees that hate you away from the ones that don’t know you.

The reason why Twitter is limited to 140 characters is to prevent posts from rambling and using too many bad words or phrases such as “Go fu

It is never the person that says “we need to make tough decisions” that is about to lose their job.

I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be, anyone other than the person I am currently pretending to be.

The trickle-down theory holds that if you feed the hordes enough hoax, some will pass through to the polls for spare votes.

If you claim to be part of the solution, then you probably helped f@#k it up in the first place.

There may be no “I” in TEAM, but there is an “EAT” and a “ME”.

New hires are either yes types or sociopaths, and sociopaths only hire yes types – and so the spiral of strife begins.

CEO may be an acronym for Chief Executive Officer, but it also stands for Cynical Egotistical Opportunist.

The medium is the message – Marshall McLuhan. This message is medium – Dr. StrangeJob.

StrangeJoberisms, or the Doctor for that matter, would not have been possible without the mother behind the pundit, the father behind the misplaced pot, or his brown-nosing incompetent colleagues. Thanks to you all. Please note that first year anniversaries are a perfect time to send the Doctor a free t-shirt .

In the name of blog, of the twitterverse, and of the worldly web. – Blessing of Dr. StrangeJob

Dr. StrangeJob

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