American Psycho – The Trump Connection

In this installment of Satirical Knights Live (SKL), the Doctor had planned an interview with Patrick Bateman of American Psycho fame. Readers will recall that Patrick, as played by Christian Bale, was a New York investment banker in the 80’s. Patrick was also a narcissist who was equally at home with mergers and acquisitions as he was with murders and executions. I scheduled an interview with Patrick, but he cancelled at the last minute mumbling something about returning videotapes and an inappropriate font style on my forwarded business card.

Not to be daunted, I set my sights on the lovely Mila Kunis of American Psycho II: All American Girl. Not much luck there either. Actually, to be honest, the Doctor cancelled out on this one. Any actor with the audacity to murder Canadian icon William Shatner deserves no free press. Really, this psycho killed Captain James T. Kirk.

Where can you find an American Psycho when you need one? The Doctor went back to his initial source material in search of a replacement psycho and discovered a most intriguing easter-egg at the 16:00 minute mark of American Psycho. In the scene, Patrick is in a taxi making small talk with his date when he suddenly glances through the cab window and asks excitedly, “Is that Donald Trump’s car?”

Donald Trump and American Psycho! These two characters actually know each other. If you don’t believe me, then check out the photo of American Psycho and Christian Bale. Wait, it gets better. Using the “psycho” connection and his intrepid google skills, the Doctor quickly unearthed the 2015 soon-to-be-classic American Psycho 3 starring Donald Trump. That’s right, Donald Trump has already been memorialized on film as a true American Psycho.

It doesn’t stop there. Film critic and trivia extraordinaire, Dr. StrangeJob, found an even more intriguing connection between the original American Psycho and the Trumpster in the guise of Johnny Depp. Prior to the original version of American Psycho, Johnny Depp was in talks with director Stuart Gordon, of Re-Animator fame, to direct Depp in a black-and-white X-rated version of American Psycho. That collaboration never happened, but Depp recently portrayed Donald Trump in Funny or Die’s “Donald Trump’s the Art of the Deal: The Movie”. As a side note, if anyone can re-animate that hair, then it would be Stuart Gordon.

Donald Trump has quite the history with psychotics and it goes back generations. Hell, even the Alfred Hitchcock’s Trump Syndrome makes a connection between Trump and Hitchcock’s 1960 classic film Psycho. How is it going to end? The Horror! The Horror!

Clarence Darrow was famously quoted as saying, “When I was a boy I was told that anybody could be president; I’m beginning to believe it.” Let’s pray he was not right. Speaking of praying, I started this post discussing Christian Bale’s good role in the movie American Psycho, but will end it with the hope that all good Christians bail on the star of American Psycho III.

Dr. StrangeJob

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