Dr. StrangeJob is too sexy for local consumption

Dr. StrangeJob’s Mother’s Day post was considered too sexy and censored from a local website. He was censored for a pun on a local blog, yet a search of book titles on amazon.ca using the keyword “f@#k” has 23,487 hits. Same search on amazon.com has 45,734. Meanwhile, in Japan, a court classified an artist’s vagina-shaped objects as art, but found the same artist guilty of obscenity for distributing digital data that could be used to make a three-dimensional recreation of her genitalia.

George Carlin is rolling over in his grave – with laughter.

In case you couldn’t find the censored post before it was pulled, I present the uncut version in its entirety. I hope you can handle it on you own, but if you can’t handle it on your own, then handle it with the one you’re with.

Mom – A master baiting her son

My mother opened my bedroom door and screamed, “Son, masturbation makes you go blind” and I hollered back, “Mom, I am in the kitchen”.

Here is a story about Dr. StrangeJob’s real mother from a belated Mother’s Day blog posted last year.

The Mother Behind the Pundit or The Mother’s Behind

Dr. StrangeJob

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