Competents Anonymous & the CBC-LA

Competents Anonymous was conceived as the “sister organization” to Dr. StrangeJob’s beloved Incompetents Anonymous (IA) 12+1 Step recovery program. Competents Anonymous recognizes the duality of an individual’s competency level, while simultaneously serving as the ideal support mechanism for recently recovered incompetents. IA and Competents Anonymous are inextricably connected. Simply put, if Competents Anonymous is the “yang”, then IA is the “yin”. In essence, recovered IA members have become the preferred member-candidates for Competents Anonymous, thus making Competents Anonymous the world’s first “recovered recovery program”.

The CBC-LA (Cape Breton Competents – Liberation Army) is the inaugural chapter of Dr. Strange Job’s newly minted Competents Anonymous Movement. Not only is Cape Breton the home of IA, it is now the official birthplace of Competents Anonymous. Why Cape Breton? The once thriving island of Cape Breton is a mere shadow of its former self. Incompetence has been allowed to run rampant in virtually all areas of the beloved island including, but not limited to, the political (civic, provincial, and federal), educational, and business sectors. Cape Breton is close to ruins as a result of incompetence. Unless action is taken, this could be the end of Cape Breton as we know it.

To save Cape Breton, the CBC-LA will strike at the heart of incompetence by infusing incompetent bureaucracies with competency. The idea is quite simple: place competent individuals in incompetent environments and let the osmosis begin. Dr. StrangeJob’s theory of osmosis-moronus, the process of becoming a moron through assimilation, has proven a key factor in the proliferation of incompetent bureaucracies. The old adage that one rotten apple can ruin the whole bushel is a scientifically proven fact. But what if the opposite is also true? The theory behind Competents Anonymous is that competence, although rare, can have a positive effect on an incompetent environment, a process the Doctor refers to as reverse-osmosis-moronus.

CBC-LA emphasizes brain over brawn with a major focus on the effective use of social media to simultaneously encourage competence and discourage incompetence. Underlying Competents Anonymous is the belief that although “seeing the light” is an effective motivator, a combination of “seeing the light” and “feeling the heat” works even better. It is no coincidence that Cape Breton Island is the birthplace to both Incompetents Anonymous and Competents Anonymous!

CBC-LA is just the first chapter of Competents Anonymous. Competents Anonymous, like IA, can spawn new chapters when and where the need arises. First we take Cape Breton….

Competence is our final frontier. Support the journey of the CBC-LA. Their mission: to expel incompetence, to seek out the competent, and to boldly go where few Caper Bretoners have gone before. We are legion. We know who you are. We are going to the legion.

Dr. StrangeJob

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