Dr. StrangeJob is in the can!

Dr. StrangeJob’s Incompetents Anonymous video is in the can, and boy, have things changed since the last time he was in the can. His first “in the can” encounter was nearly 40 years ago and involved Southern Comfort, weed, a friendly DJ, and the worst timing ever for a munchie run to the local corner store. The current canning, on the other hand, had a real director, editor, two cameras, and an eclectic cast of characters. In contrast, the only impression taken of the Doctor during his first canning was a picture, and they kept it.

Is the world ready for Incompetents Anonymous? Perhaps not, but based on the motley crew involved with the first public IA meeting, they appear ready for the world. And what a group it was. The production team included the Psychotic Forest Ranger, an award winning media productions company, plus a high-tech renegade thrown in for good measure. Audience members included an award winning writer and local playwright, a general, the architect of the Cape Breton Liberation Army, a Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, a horror novelist/director, a city counselor candidate, an award winning freelance journalist, plus an assortment of potential DIAPER Award nominees.

Unfortunately, the first public IA meeting did not go without incident. Someone, who shall remain nameless, forgot to book a speaker and, even worse, forgot to pass the collection basket. As a result, yours truly was stuck with the tab for the coffee and sandwiches. On the flipside, meeting attendees left behind some goodies including a copy of George Carlin’s Brain Droppings, Soundbites by Troth Wells, two Apple earbuds (one with black electrical tape), and a “Just Us” coffee carry bag. Not a bad haul for the first meeting. Owners may claim any of the above items by providing a hefty donation to our new Incompetents Anonymous Coffee Fund.

The audience participated enthusiastically, but what else could be expected from a group of like-minded individuals given the opportunity to recite Dr. Wilbur Swain’s classic line from Kurt Vonnegut’s Slapstick – “Why don’t you take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut? Why don’t you take a flying fuck at the mooooooooooooon?” – a truly awesome sight, well worth the free YouTube download just to see it.

Only time will tell if the Doctor’s latest canning holds up to his first. In the first canning, the Doctor survived with a quick visit to the Shingle for a few drafts, but he is not certain whether the world is ready to survive Incompetents Anonymous with all the dafts in the world.

Stay tuned for more promotion of Dr. StrangeJob’s Incompetents Anonymous video, as soon as he figures out how to do that. Also watch for the future adventures of the CBC-LA (Cape Breton Competents Liberation Army), IA’s sister organization, as introduced in the Doctor’s From FUBAR to FU-2 blog.

Update: This just in: One of the two camera operators just discovered she had her contact lenses in the wrong eyes during the shoot. It appears she may have had a slightly different vision of the shoot than the rest of us.

We know who you are, but we are anonymous!

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1 thought on “Dr. StrangeJob is in the can!

  1. Dr. Strangejob suggested that I may have been a little too competent during the meeting. Apparently he forgot that I sat in the wrong chair twice before the meeting even started. =)


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