Dr. StrangeJob – Censored Part II

If the Doctor’s Censored Part I blog left you unsatisfied, then I hope the hands-on approach of this one provides a more stimulating experience. Let’s start by discussing politics, porn stars, and a rip-off of Dr. StrangeJob’s Anonymous Goes to the Legion video.

The Ted Cruz presidential campaign advertisement that focused on a Conservatives Anonymous support group was eerily similar to the Doctor’s own Incompetents Anonymous (IA) campaign – except there are no porn stars involved with IA (at least that I know about). The Cruz campaign was forced to pull the advertisement when it was discovered that one of the actresses in the video was actually softcore porn star Amy Lindsay. Unlike President Clinton, Ted Cruz did not have pornographic relations with that women, but similar to Clinton, it certainly helped blow his image.

Pornography can influence political policy. Sure, big name stars such as Bruce Springsteen can strut their stuff in protest of the North Carolina anti-LGBT law, but it was the xHamster porn site’s blocking of North Carolina users that showed the true hypocrisy behind the archaic law. The xHamster site reported that during the month prior to the anti-LGBT law they received 400,000 direct searches from North Carolina on the term “transsexual” and 319,907 searches for the term “gay”.

Some recent pornographic marketing campaigns have also garnered the admiration of the Cannes Direct Marketing Jury. The Marc Dorcel #Handsoff campaign provided free porn to viewers as long as they kept their hands on the “Q”, “S”, “P”, and “L” letters of the keyboard. If a viewer removed their hands from the keyboard, then the video streaming stopped. Users tried various techniques of placing items on their keyboards in an attempt to keep the free video streaming. One could say that the campaign was a stroke (not) of genius. The result – subscriptions to their premium porn service increased by a factor of 50 and traffic to the website was 27 times higher after the campaign launched.

I was contemplating possible hacks to the #Handsoff campaign when Mrs. StrangeJob asked why there were tiny pebbles glued to some of my laptop keys. I explained that I was trying to beat the #Handsoff system, but just couldn’t get a hand on it. She smiled and suggested the easiest solution would be to watch with a friend. That way each person would only be required to keep one hand on the keyboard. God, I love that woman.

In Censored – Part III, I will be introducing Dr. StrangeJob’s new advertising scam-paign. Please help the Doctor reach his goal by contributing to either his Kinkstarter or GoFu##Me campaigns.

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