Dr. StrangeJob – Censored Part I

The Dr. StrangeJob website is not a porn site and Dr. StrangeJob is not a writer of porn. That said, it has been a very titillating few weeks. It all started with an update to the firewall software on my laptop, which without either warning or notice promptly blocked access to www.drstrangejob.ca. At first, I thought the issue was my web hosting service and I wasted a load of time trying to get my site back up. I am not sure why the firewall software blocked my website, perhaps it used the Urban Dictionary’s definition of “strange”, which refers to “strange” as sex outside of your current relationship. It may have gotten its undies in a bunch imagining various sexual exploits that also involved the word “job”, and inferred that the combination of “strange” and “job” must be in reference to a vile porn site of moral oral proportions. Now I know why they call it software rather than hardware.

Next, I was censored by Facebook. Yes, Facebook, but it was not what you think. I was simply following their directions. Facebook repeatedly poked the Doctor with messages declaring that one of my posts was performing better than 95% of all other posts on my page, and recommended that I boost that post for even “greater” results. How could I refuse, so I anteed up the $2 charge and waited for the pay off. Within minutes, I received a notice that my post was approved and that I should start seeing positive results shortly. I monitored the post for a few hours and, to my satisfaction, was receiving positive results from the boost.

Approximately four hours later, I discovered that the boosted post was suspended without notification. I thought that was odd, considering Facebook suggested I boost the post in the first place, Facebook approved the boost, and Facebook actually ran the boost for a number of hours. Incidentally, I did receive a single comment on the boosted post by a Facebook user with the handle “WTF?”, which coincidentally reflected my own thoughts on the matter.

The issue was not the Doctor’s initial posting; it was just fine. The problem was a hyperlink from the initial Facebook post to a site that had coincidently updated its content after Facebook’s initial screening, but prior to the Doctor’s boost being suspended. The linked site’s update included a four letter word starting with “F”. The Doctor’s boost was suspended because the linked site added content that was considered unacceptable. I guess Facebook never sleeps.

Strike three was when the Doctor’s Mother’s Day post was censored on a local community website. Granted, my use of a fourth-grade juvenile pun concerning a “master” and a “baiter” may have touched on a soft spot, but the website could have handed it back for edit instead of just yanking it off their site. I will take a hands-off approach with that particular website for a bit, but I sure hope they don’t unlike me as a result.

These were innocent trespasses by the Doctor, but others purposely profit from internet guilty pleasures. Part II will look at the recent trend of mainstream advertisers exploiting their wares on porn sites, on the increase of porn advertisement on mainstream media, and on how the Doctor plans to get in on some of that action.

Dr. StrangeJob

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