StrangeJoberisms: Volume 2

I’ve always been crazy but its kept me from going insane, so it came as no surprise when my physician told me that I was ill and my condition was not tweetable. Cure thyself I proclaimed and set forth to quibble in tweetable quips of 140 characters or less that I affectionally call StrangeJoberisms.

Following the success of StrangeJoberisms: The Unlimited Birthday Edition, I proudly present Volume 2.

StrangeJoberisms: Volume 2

If your latest managerial solution is to “think outside the box”, then you’re still in it.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar (Sigmund Freud), and sometimes a person is just a dick (Dr. StrangeJob).

If all else fails, then try non-violent civil disobedience. Shame can be a powerful motivator.

Do we distrust career politicians because of ignorance or apathy? Or is it because we don’t know and don’t care.

If it is true that those that can’t do are teachers, then does it follow that those that never did are professors?

People who say “good things come in small packages” are usually men with small penises.

Warning! Chance of incompetence increases with increased exposure to idiocy.

Opening your mouth to change a foot is not a great feat, especially if you forgot to remove your other foot first.

Life is unfair when bad things happen to good people, especially when there are so many assholes around to choose from.

Dr. StrangeJob

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1 thought on “StrangeJoberisms: Volume 2

  1. Strangejob, I enjoyed your epigrams. My favorite was the first: If your latest managerial solution is to “think outside the box”, then you’re still in it.

    Do send me your short story, if you want some comments.



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