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I was having a friendly chitchat with my neighbour when he unexpectedly changed topics stating, “I hate to change the subject but –.”  Uh oh was my initial thought, making a mental note that my cats have recently started spending more time outside and less time in their litter boxes. I prepared myself for a discussion on cat shit when my neighbour continued, “I saw you in that video about the homeless guy.  Great song, great video.”  Well, that was a surprise.

The music video A Brand New Day” is from local singer/songwriter Sheldon O’Neill and directed by Kenn Crawford. The tune is from Sheldon’s forthcoming album.

I also had a blink and you will miss me walk-on role in an earlier video by Kenn Crawford playing an Alzheimer’s patient. The short film The Battle Within is a touching film about the ravages of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The shoot for The Battle Within took place at a local senior’s health care complex and one of the actors recently confessed they assumed I was a resident of the complex at the time of the filming. I started to worry about being typecast and decided to discuss my concerns with Kenn. I was assured that I was not being typecast but rather that I just look the part. Not sure what my next video role will be, but I am guessing it will not be a romantic lead.

Check out Kenn’s other films and videos.

Dr. StrangeJob

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