Cape Breton Independence & CBLA-InComps

The Cape Breton independence movement suffered a serious setback in 1846 (yes, we have been talking about independence for at least 171 years) when the Privy Council decreed that the inhabitants of Cape Breton were not permitted to establish their own government. Why? Because by the latter part of the 19th century, 40% of the provincial income consisted of royalties from Cape Breton coal mines. Yes, the mainland has been bleeding our Island dry for quite some time.

After listening to local historian Jim St. Claire discuss Cape Breton independence on CBC’s Information Morning, it struck me that not only does Cape Breton have a long history of being screwed over by mainland politicians, but also that the Island’s own politicians have done little to support the cause. Halifax is becoming a boom town while Cape Breton suffers in poverty: children commit suicide, emergency rooms close, population declines, schools shutter, poverty increases, drug use escalates. Meanwhile, our local politicians smile all the way to the bank.

Cape Breton independence has been discussed across the island from beer halls to academic institutions. Heck, even Wikipedia has an entry dealing with the 2000 movement for an independent Province of Cape Breton.

In 1846, privy was an adjective for council, but privy is also a noun for toilet, and it’s time to flush. Capers must rise again and demand fair treatment from the province, but who will take up the mantle to make Cape Breton great again?

The CBLA-InComps are willing to do whatever it takes to protect our island. They are a meek non-violent group whose plan is to use social media and creative civil disobedience to shed light on injustices plaguing our island. Although “seeing the light” can be an effective motivator, CBLA-InComps believe that a combination of “seeing the light” and “feeling the heat” works even better. Shame is a great motivator, especially if votes are at stake.

CBLA-InComps first mission was not a success and did not raise the stink that it had hoped, but the group is determined to continue the good fight. Stay tuned for the new serialised Foibles and Follies of CBLA-InComps coming soon to a social media inbox near you.

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