Where is Dr. StrangeJob? InComps Episode 2(1)

Snoop, the intrepid CBS (Cape Breton SpecTatler) reporter, can smell a scoop within 50 kilometers of a litter box. She has been informed by numerous sources that all is not well within the inner workings of InComps. Some believe that Dr. StrangeJob should step down from his position as leader of the group. At issue is a perceived conflict of interest in his running for both mayor of CBRM and premier.  According to Joe Spam-Alot, renowned tweeter and ABS (Anybody but StrangeJob) for mayor pundit, the role of CBRM mayor is a full-time job and any sitting CBRM mayor running for premier is in direct conflict of interest. 

The SpecTatler has also uncovered serious accusations within InComps involving unsavory business dealings. According to the accusations, not proven in court (yet), Dr. StrangeJob, in an attempt to break into the film business, has entered into a contract with a private DVD/Blu-Ray distributer to purchase old video stock at premium prices. He then leases the films to a third-party that rents them to local customers. The lease agreement requires the third-party to provide StrangeJob with a percentage of all rental fees, and to sell unrented stock back to StrangeJob at below-market discount.

Doctor Spinolee, the conscience of InComps, who was not authorized to discuss the situation publicly, spoke to the SpecTatler on condition of anonymity. Spinolee argues that StrangeJob is playing with the same set of business rules as our municipal government is with the Port file but admits that the optics are questionable. Spinolee has faith that StrangeJob is acting on behalf of InComps but is also calling for an “open and transparent” InComps meeting.   

Wait, it gets worse!

Speaking on condition of anonymity, Wally, a past InComps member familiar with StrangeJob’s accounting files, further claims that StrangeJob resells all stock purchased from the third-party rental company back to the original DVD/Blu-Ray distributer at above-market-value prices. The original distributer, the film rental company, and StrangeJob are all members of a local “good old boys” movie club who are involved with various local projects currently in development. It should be noted, however, that Wally left InComps after repeated claims that he did not meet the requirements of the group. Wally claims he was pressured to leave InComps because he was already competent. These claims have not been proven (yet) in court.

The plot thickens.

Madi, another InComps insider, who also wished to remain anonymous, purports that StrangeJob has not called a public InComps meeting in months, changes committee meeting schedules at whim, and appears more focused on his film career than on dealing with the flimflam at CBRM. Madi believes that StrangeJob should step aside from his InComps leadership role.

Psycho Sam, another anonymous member and relative of StrangeJob, supports his brother but is concerned that StrangeJob’s recent tour of world film festivals may be affecting the group’s financial bottom-line. A recent SpecTatler FOIP uncovered various expenses claimed by StrangeJob involving trips to the Shanghai Film Festival and the Beijing Film Festival. Not only did StrangeJob attend the last three Beijing film festivals, but he also travelled first class.

The SpecTatler contacted StrangeJob for comment. His communication officer, Ms. Lied-Toomey, is no longer available, and his personal assistant is busy putting out other fires. We hope to reach StrangeJob before press time.

Ring Ring Ring

 “Hello,  Cape Breton SpecTatler, Snoop speaking.”

 “This is Dr. StrangeJob. I understand you’ve been trying to reach me.”

 “Yes, it concerns a story that is just heading to press. It appears that some of your fellow InComps members are questioning your InComps leadership role and also have transparency issues with your recent business dealings,” replies Snoop.

 “I’m following normal CBRM business practices with the film file, but  that is not why I called. I want to discuss my plan to hold an InComps Leadership Convention on October 26-27.

 “What?  You are going to hold an InComps Leadership Convention the same time as the Nova Scotia PC leadership convention?” questions Snoop.

 “Sure, what better time to focus on InComps than during a PC Leadership convention?” retorts StrangeJob.

… to be continued


Competence is our final frontier. Join the farce and support the journey of the CBLA-InComps. Their mission: to expel incompetence, to seek out the competent, and to boldly go where Caper heroes have gone before. We are legion. We know who you are. We are going to the Legion.

Dr. StrangeJob

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1 thought on “Where is Dr. StrangeJob? InComps Episode 2(1)

  1. Good to see Dr. StrangeJob back in in-action. The story reads well, and there’s good funny bits. Hope he keeps going.



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